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2015 State of Sales

Tech That Keeps Your Sales Team Ahead of the Competition

The 2015 State of Sales We’ve all heard the popular statistic that nearly 70% of the buyer’s journey happens before they ever talk to someone in sales, but what have we done to address this new consumer trend? Now that so much of the consumer decision-making process is fueled by information that is readily available toREAD MORE →

The Internet of Things & Its Business Value

At this point, you’ve probably heard the buzz around Internet of Things (IoT) and how more and more devices are connecting to the internet, communicating with other devices and collecting massive amounts of data in the process. It isn’t necessarily a new concept, but an increasing number of companies are utilizing IoT within their businessREAD MORE →

SAP Announces Roadmap for S/4HANA

The U.S.-based sugar manufacturer Florida Crystals was among the first to adopt the latest SAP S/4HANA version with Simple Finance 2.0. It took them just six weeks, a shorter timeframe than expected, and they’ve been thrilled with the results. This system is designed for quick and easy access to real-time data, allowing companies to makeREAD MORE →

[Video] NHL Uses Statistics to Increase Fan Base

7.6 million people watched Game 6 of the Stanley Cup final on Monday, in which the Chicago Blackhawks shut out the Tampa Bay Lightning to clinch the cup for the third time in six years. But for the National Hockey League, it wasn’t enough. As Chris Foster, Director of Digital Business Development for the NHL,READ MORE →

Everything You Need To Know About The Salesforce Summer ’15 Release

The Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release is upon us and with over 255 new or improved features, as Administrators it’s hard to know where we want to focus our energy. Which features will most benefit our company’s use of Salesforce? Which features are generally available and which features do we need to request additional budget? (gasp!)READ MORE →

Bayforce Proudly Sponsors 2015 Project HOPE Gala

Bayforce was honored to be among the sponsors of the 2015 Project HOPE Gala on Tuesday in New York City with several members of our team in attendance at the black-tie event. The Gala was in support Project HOPE programs around the world which provide global health education and humanitarian assistance. 2015 PROJECT HOPE GLOBALREAD MORE →

5 Challenges SAP Hiring Managers Face and How to Solve Them

Are you struggling to identify SAP talent when you need it? Do your internal processes and controls make it difficult for you to onboard quickly? Hiring the right people, whether it’s for an SAP project or your internal fulltime SAP staff, is a hassle for nearly everyone in the SAP space. We face tremendous pressureREAD MORE →

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