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SAP Delays Support Price Increase

SAP, which angered many customers this year by announcing plans to increase support pricing, said Tuesday that it would delay a decision on any changes until early 2010. In the meantime, the business software maker will await the findings of a SAP task force that has been talking to customers and user groups to “incorporateREAD MORE →

SAP Outlines Five-Year Enterprise Software Plan

SAP executives at their annual Influencer Summit in Boston on Tuesday laid out a broad outline of the company’s five-year product and technology vision. They emphasized integrated business analytics, software packages, and on-demand, cloud-based extensions to applications, to enable customers to avoid difficult upgrades while tapping new capabilities. Several trends are behind SAP’s strategic thrust,READ MORE →

SAP Introduces Two-Tiered Support

SAP has stepped back from its plan to move all customers to Enterprise Support contracts priced at 22% per year. Instead it will adopt a two-tiered system that reintroduces a Standard Support option set at 18%. Bowing to customer complaints about economic hardships, SAP also has frozen prices for existing Enterprise Support contracts at theREAD MORE →

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