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Salesforce Data Management Best Practices

Data Management is essential for the most basic to the most complex CRM implementations. Think about it, you can spend hours detailing, restoring and customizing a classic car, but without oil, it simply will not run! Data is like the oil that you put into your CRM machine. The most carefully designed business processes andREAD MORE →

Lightning Migration & Converting JavaScript Buttons

If you are thinking about Lightning Experience for your Salesforce organization, JavaScript buttons need not hold you back.  Most new Salesforce features are being released exclusively for Lightning Experience and are not available in Salesforce Classic–with each new release, incentives to switch to Lightning Experience are piling up. Bayforce invites you to download our complimentaryREAD MORE →

Large Volumes of Data and Salesforce … What Are Your Options?

For a Salesforce Admin, it often feels like data is the bane of our existence! Whether you are importing a new list, updating existing data, or deleting records, data management is an essential part of Salesforce administration and it is often the most troublesome and monotonous task as well. While there are different options forREAD MORE →

Something for Everyone in Salesforce’s Summer ’17 Release

It’s that time again…the team at Salesforce is introducing another batch of upgrades as they continue to evolve the user experience and functionality of their product. This release focuses mainly on Lightning Experience and includes some new offerings. We’ve highlighted some of the big changes broken down into the user group they will affect theREAD MORE →

Converting JavaScript Button for Lightning Experience – Part 1

Are you looking to implement Lightning Experience in your Salesforce org? Do you have a lot of custom JavaScript buttons in your org? Are your JavaScript buttons holding you back from turning on Lightning Experience for your users? We hope you enjoy Part 1 of this useful guide, below. Those curious to learn more can downloadREAD MORE →

Visualforce vs. Standard Functionality

Many developers will agree that using standard “out-of-the-box” Salesforce functionality whenever possible will make your organization easier to maintain in the long run. However, it is likely that you will eventually run into a problem or feature request that just isn’t possible without some custom code. Part of being a successful developer is being ableREAD MORE →

TLS 1.0 Disablement on

Are you ready for TLS 1.0 disablement in your Salesforce org? By now you have probably seen some notices from Salesforce warning that TLS 1.0 is no longer going to be allowed when connecting to Salesforce via an HTTPS connection. TLS 1.0 disablement will be activated via a Critical Update, which had an original auto-activationREAD MORE →


The All-New, All-Different Salesforce CRM Interface Revealed

Earlier today unveiled Salesforce Lightning, the all-new version of its core CRM product. The announcement included several individual components alongside the announcement of the first in a series of industry-specific CRM packages. The new version appears to take many design and interface cues from its incredibly popular mobile counterpart giving it a more modern look and feel. ManyREAD MORE →

2015 State of Sales

Tech That Keeps Your Sales Team Ahead of the Competition

The 2015 State of Sales We’ve all heard the popular statistic that nearly 70% of the buyer’s journey happens before they ever talk to someone in sales, but what have we done to address this new consumer trend? Now that so much of the consumer decision-making process is fueled by information that is readily available toREAD MORE →

Everything You Need To Know About The Salesforce Summer ’15 Release

The Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release is upon us and with over 255 new or improved features, as Administrators it’s hard to know where we want to focus our energy. Which features will most benefit our company’s use of Salesforce? Which features are generally available and which features do we need to request additional budget? (gasp!)READ MORE →

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