Get more done in less time with expert SAP consultants for all core and bleeding edge technologies.

Since 1996, Bayforce has empowered our North American clients to successfully implement their projects and support initiatives by quickly delivering the strongest SAP talent that fits their exact needs.

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SAP Staffing

Keeping SAP Projects On-Time and On-Budget

We hear from our clients how frustrating it is to quickly find and engage the top consultants for their projects. Not with Bayforce. Our tenure in the SAP staffing industry has allowed us to optimize our Bayforce Delivery Methodology (BDM). You will never again endure the arduous process of pouring over countless resumes and enduring lengthy interviews with unqualified candidates. Bayforce takes the stress out of staffing by providing shorter hiring timelines and superior talent.

Bayforce can deliver large implementation teams, including the project manager, or a single consultant. Our consultants are deployed locally, which reduces travel expenses up to $70,000 a year per consultant.

SAP Staffing Team

Bayforce’s dedicated SAP Staffing division is focused on delivering the best SAP consultants in North America. We understand your complex SAP requirements, so you can rely on our proven delivery methodology to ensure you quickly get the consultant you need to get the job done.

Delivery Methodology = Quality Consultants

Our structured delivery methodology is a repeatable process that allows us to achieve our incredibly low 1.25 to 1 interview-to-hire ratio and less than 2% turnover rate. By applying the highest quality standards throughout the entire hiring and project lifecycle we ensure that our clients get more done in less time with less consultants.

Our Consultant Relationship Management Program

Attracting and retaining the top SAP consultants isn’t an accident at Bayforce. Our consultants are assigned a Consultant Relationship Manager who maintains consistent communication with our consultants to proactively solve any issues that may arise. To facilitate continuous learning and added value for our clients, Bayforce consultants have access to a variety of resources, both internally and through the SAP Partner Portal. Whether it’s getting an SAP certification, continuing education, or having access to another Bayforce team member to help solve a specific client problem, investing in each consultant is a priority at Bayforce.

The Largest Network of SAP Consultants in the U.S.

Bayforce connects the best local SAP professionals with clients across the U.S. in every industry from Fortune 500 to the mid-market. Our unrivaled network of over 75,000 pre-screened SAP professionals provides access to a wide array of skillsets across a variety of core and bleeding edge technologies.

Bayforce has a nationwide delivery organization similar to large consulting firms, but with a boutique firm’s emphasis on customer service and value for our clients. All consulting firms have a database of resources, but it’s the experienced management team, delivery processes and procedures, and our culture of passionately delivering for our clients that separates us from the rest. The Bayforce experience.


  • SAP Focus – Our dedicated 10 year+ tenured SAP delivery managers qualify and deliver the best talent to uniquely fit each client’s needs.
  • One-Stop Shop Partner – SAP, Cloud, Infrastructure and more. Simplify how many partners you need to manage your projects.
  • Rapid Delivery – We act quickly to deliver the local rockstars you need in less than 36 hours.
  • Proven Quality – With a 1.25 to 1 interview-to-hire ratio and less than 2% turnover, we reduce your hiring timelines and costs.

Be confident you only receive vetted, experienced SAP consultants with strong soft skills who will get the job done.


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