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Become more agile and more focused on analytics with solutions generated by years of experience in IT transformation.

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ALM Consulting To Improve Your ROI

Targeted a la carte solutions rapidly help you determine improvements, methodologies, and tools to create immediate value.

SAP Consulting

SQA Services

  • TMMI Assessment
  • Test Tool Selection
  • Test CoE and right-sizing testing services
  • Test Management & Services
  • Test Automation
SAP Consulting

IT & Business Transformation Services

  • SAP CoE Optimization
  • CMMI Assessments
  • Managing Bi-Modal IT Business Process Management (BMT2)
  • AMS Partner Evaluation
  • Requirements Management
  • SDLC & PMO Alignment
SAP Consulting

IT Tools Capabilities

  • ALM
  • SAP Best Practice ALM
  • Solution Manager
  • Tools Selection Matrix
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Tools Implementation
  • Tool Administration
  • Remote Support

Release Management

  • Release Process Development
  • DevOPS
  • Agile Organizational Change Management
  • Release Process Training
  • Compliance and Traceability
  • Sox/Audit


  • Ensure Project and Operational Success – We provide you with solutions, tools, technologies, and methods to make you more efficient and more responsive—and that drives ROI. With more agility, you’ll be ahead of your business customer, and not reacting to customer expectations.
  • Experience and Depth – Our consultants have worked with top Fortune 100 companies across industries and across the globe. While we have a number of pre-built solutions at the ready, we develop ALM solutions that are customized for your needs.
  • Unbiased Approach – We are independent, and not tied to a specific software vendor, platform, or methodology. We learn where you are trying to grow, and build a solution to solve for that.
  • Business/IT Alignment – Our believe that ALM will propel you into becoming a transformational partner for your business, and give you the capability to make the Internet of Things a reality.
  • Cost Effective – We assess your needs and pinpoint your best ROI opportunities quickly. You control the cost and timeline. We’ve found this process to be extremely efficient and suitable for easy organization adoption.


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