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Lighting Experience is Coming – How to Optimize Lightning Experience Transition Assistant for a Successful Move

In the recently published Salesforce Summer ’19 release notes, Salesforce reminds all users that in Winter ’20, they will automatically launch the full version of Lighting Experience for all users.  It is important that organizations take the time now to prepare their institutions and users. You may be asking yourself, why is this switch happening?READ MORE →

Solution Manager 7.2 Upgrade Enables Focused Insights

The deadline to transition to Solution Manger 7.2 is quickly approaching. This required upgrade must be completed in 2019 to ensure continuous connectivity to SAP’s Support. The great news is the upgrade provides significant improvements throughout the entire life cycle of SAP solutions. One of these improvements will be the availability of Focused Insights forREAD MORE →

Salesforce ’19 Summer Release: The Year of Lightning

Summer is officially here and that means the Salesforce Summer ’19 release is upon us.  Salesforce continues to push out improvements and new features to deliver a personalized customer journey. Check out some of the highlights: — Salesforce reinforces that 2020 will be the Year of Lightning. Starting in Winter ’20, Salesforce will turn onREAD MORE →

Salesforce Data Management Best Practices – Part II

In Part I of this series, we tackled avoiding duplicates, data validation, scoring models, Salesforce Connect and more.  How do we make our data work for us if we have a system full of old leads, inaccurate contact information and defunct company accounts marked as active? In part II, we dive further into data managementREAD MORE →

Salesforce Data Management Best Practices – Part I

Data Management is essential for the most basic to the most complex CRM implementations. The most carefully designed business processes and analytic reports are useless without quality data behind them. In this initial, two part series, we’ve identified several of the most important facets and provided some practical detailed tips in Part II.  We hopeREAD MORE →

Top 7 Improvements SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Provides Organizations

SAP is requiring all customers to upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2. In addition to not losing key functionalities in your SAP support if you fail to upgrade, Solution Manager 7.2 also provides significant improvements throughout the entire life cycle of SAP solutions.  With this upgraded, highly integrated solution, organizations can implement, maintain, run, and adopt all enterprise solutions –READ MORE →

Lightning Migration & Converting JavaScript Buttons

If you are thinking about Lightning Experience for your Salesforce organization, JavaScript buttons need not hold you back.  Most new Salesforce features are being released exclusively for Lightning Experience and are not available in Salesforce Classic–with each new release, incentives to switch to Lightning Experience are piling up. Bayforce invites you to download our complimentaryREAD MORE →

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