SAP Project Assessments & Advisement

Bayforce provides unbiased, comprehensive advisement and feedback on how to maximize the value of your SAP investment. We work closely with all stakeholders to identify the best solutions that map to your individual goals and objectives.

  • Assess projects to provide an overall health assessment at key milestones of a project.
  • Provide a deliverable-based audit to assess progress of the project team.
  • Provide a quality evaluation of project team to assess the risks associated with the project’s working environment.
  • Evaluate project gates to assure that entry and exit criteria are satisfied as a project team moves from one phase to the next.
  • Evaluate the strength of final testing to assess the completeness of the solution.
  • Provide a Go-Live Risk Assessment for projects and project teams.

Why Choose Bayforce?

  • FLEXIBLE & EASY TO WORK WITH – We are your SAP partner in every sense of the word – guiding you through every step of the most complex SAP projects.
  • PRECISION & RESULTS – Our small, highly effective SAP project teams keep your projects on time and on-budget.
  • FULL-SERVICE SOLUTIONS – Services and solutions for every phase of an application lifecycle or project. What you need, when you need it. Provided simply and easily.
  • SAP SPECIALIZATION – Laser-focused on SAP since our inception and fully certified by SAP as an SAP Services Partner and value-added reseller with partner-exclusive access to SAP tools, resources, and support.


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