Ensure the security of your network and data from unforeseen events or intrusions virtually and onsite and establish and maintain risk and compliance efforts across your entire organization.

Business Continuity

Strategic planning and preparations to ensure your organization’s business functions continue regardless of unforeseen disasters or malfunctions. This includes recovery, resilience and contingency planning.

Cyber Security

With the ever increasing use of strategic data for business operations and planning across a variety of devices, the need for confidentiality, integrity and availability of that data is a necessity. Bayforce’s cyber security professionals will set up necessary security measures across all private and public network and devices.

Disaster Recovery

Ensure your business operations can recover quickly from any unforeseen disaster or intrusion, whether implementing or maintaining your backup databases and servers or systems with 24/7 on call availability.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Audit, analyze and ensure the regulatory and reporting compliance as well as the identification of any risks within your business operations. This extremely important function calls for an expertise as well as inherent ability to work closely with all levels within your organization to limit risks and ensure overall compliance.

Information Security

Defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction utilizing highly experienced and trained consultants.


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