Salesforce Development

Extend the power of Salesforce with custom development across the entire Salesforce platform. For a Salesforce instance uniquely abled to power your organization’s growth.


The Salesforce ecosystem is huge and incredibly versatile. Take your Salesforce instance to the next level by leveraging Bayforce Salesforce custom development. We can help you automate complex processes, drive incredible efficiencies to your workflow, and gain unmatched value from your Salesforce investment.

We take the time to understand your business goals and get your custom development needs right the first time. That is why leaders trust Bayforce development services.

Bayforce Salesforce development services span the entire Salesforce platform with cutting-edge development expertise on both the server and client side. Whether your organization is running Classic or Salesforce1–including, Salesforce 1 mobile app, Lighting Components, and Heroku—or if you require a custom app designed specifically for your needs, Bayforce’s remarkably wide network of senior talent delivers.


Our development team follows best practices for application development in a multi-tenant environment and subject their code to rigorous testing to assure a smooth, error-free user experience. In addition to a fully-functioning application, you’ll receive the knowledge transfer you need to use and maintain your new application including comprehensive code comments, developer documentation, an administrator manual, an end user manual, and administrator and user training sessions.


No application is too large, too small or too new. Bayforce supplies a range of expert consultants: from a single, part-time developer to help you build a simple application with a few custom objects and approval processes, to top tier, whole development teams building applications with complex data models, multiple business processes and custom UIs for groups of internal users, partners, and customers, and integrations to your back-office systems.

We walk you through some simple and advanced example solutions to replace your JavaScript buttons with Lightning-friendly alternatives in this Bayforce white paper—download for free, below.