Application Development

High performance applications and teams delivered on time and on budget

Bayforce brings deep expertise to the building of high-performance, high-availability web applications of enterprise level quality. We can help you strategize and resolve issues with architecture, security and performance, clear a stacked backlog, and ultimately make all of your current and future application development projects complete, faster and more efficient at a higher quality.

Bayforce lowers your costs and ensures success throughout the entire software development lifecycle with our full stack development, integration, systems administration and testing services across:

  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Client Server Applications
  • Legacy/Mainframe Systems
  • Quality Assurance/Testing
  • Systems Administration
  • Systems Integration
  • Testing Web Applications (.NET, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Scala)


Strategize, execute and optimize your IT initiatives at every stage of the software development lifecycle. From project initiation and definition through execution, roll-out and support, Bayforce’s internal expertise will fully assess and identify the knowledge or skills gap and deliver high quality consultants; whether you need a full project team or a single resource.


Application Development
Implementing, upgrading or customizing your ERP, CRM or HCM applications, Bayforce’s consultants bring expertise in ASP.NET + VB.NET + JAVA + PL/SQL + C# + BOOTSTRAP + MORE…

Web Development
Our consultants will develop internal, external and E-Commerce web pages ensuring cross-platform compatibility and usability, working with the full suite of .Net and Java languages along with additional technologies including HTML5 + CSS + JAVASCRIPT + MORE…

Web Design
Our talent designs and creates state of the art website mockups, graphics and layouts for a seamless user experience.

Systems Administration
Bayforce brings expertise to your specific systems including security and end to end development.

Systems Integration
Our consultants have exceptional experience integrating a variety of ERP, CRM, homegrown and legacy system applications utilizing .Net, Java, REST or SOAP.

Manual testing with a variety of tools like Gemini, HP Quality Center, TFS, Bugzilla and JIRA to manually test any application.

Automated testing with Perl or Shell scripting, Java or .Net development along with various testing tools.

Full cycle testing throughout the project and software development lifecycle – unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing and performance testing.