Process Mapping

Every Salesforce instance is unique—what it should not be is a mystery.

Salesforce isn’t just a tool of business development, it is the infrastructure of your company’s growth and the technological adaptation of your workflow. Organizations spend tremendous resources to create unique workflows and processes that support + enable scalable growth.

But what happens when there is change? In today’s business environment, change is the one thing we can all count on, and we can count on it occurring quickly. To change successfully, you need a strong foundation. That’s where excellent documentation comes in.

As a Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner with 25 years of industry experience, we provide your organization with the advantage of subject matter expertise and experience most organizations do not maintain in-house. Our breadth and depth of experience adds value to your process mapping as we ensure your deliverables are razor sharp, comprehensive, user-friendly and delivered quickly and efficiently.


Often, an integrator stands up your Salesforce or makes a change to your instance—but when they leave, they take their subject matter expertise with them. Without documentation, some internal administrators struggle to provide the support your organization needs.

Better documentation builds better administrators. Bayforce experts can provide graphical flowcharts of your processes in highly interactive and user-friendly materials that make it easy for your internal team to understand. These flows help administrators keep track of the processes in their org so that it’s easier to troubleshoot automation problems or make changes to the process. Whether you need help tracking simple workflows or complex custom code, we can make your processes manageable.


In large organizations where knowledge can be widely dispersed or in small organizations where knowledge is highly concentrated—sometimes in a single individual—documentation of your processes is paramount to effective knowledge transfer.

Knowing your organization is in control and can secure effective transfer of workflow processes is invaluable and enables growth.


After an initial discussion, our team can provide an estimate of the cost to help map your environment and provide this valuable documentation to you and your team. Are you ready? Let’s talk today.

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